When the NFL opens its new sex toy store, the women are coming in

A sex toy shop has opened in downtown Orlando for women who want to get their hands on a “real” sex toy.

The shop opened Sunday, but customers can still get in at any time.

The Orlando City Club said it’s one of the first to offer a sex toy section in Orlando, which is home to several major cities, including San Francisco, Chicago and Los Angeles.

“We think the women want the real thing, and the men want the toys, too,” the club said in a statement.

“That’s why we’re opening our store in downtown, where Orlandoers will be able to enjoy the best, freshest sex toys available, in one convenient location.”

The club opened its first shop in the city in April 2017.

Orlando has become one of three cities in the United States with its own sex toy stores, according to the Associated Press.