‘Lovely lesbian sex toy’: Amazon.com says it’s the ‘most exciting lesbian sex item’

Amazon.co.uk says it is the ‘best lesbian sex product on the market’.

The Amazon.ca site says the ‘Lovell Lovell’ is a ‘sexy lesbian sex device’ with a range of sexual activities including lesbian anal sex, lesbian oral sex and lesbian creampies.

Amazon’s site says:’Lovell is a fun and sexy lesbian sex tool with a lot of sexual possibilities.

Lovell is not for everyone.

But it is for the most passionate lesbian lovers.’

The product page also states that the Lovell LoveLL is a silicone-based vibrator and that it has ‘the widest variety of sexual stimulation’.

Amazon’s ‘LoveLL’ sex toys include:The Lovell’s packaging is very similar to the packaging of the Amazon.tv product ‘Sexy Lesbian Cams’, which has a similar design, although this product also has a vibrator in the box.

The Amazon site states that ‘Lovello’ is also available in an ‘all-natural’ silicone version.

However, the Amazon site says it will not sell Lovell products unless it has a certified organic certification from the Organic Seed Council.

Amazon says the product will be available from 1 April.