What to know about TFG’s ‘Twins’ sex toy

There’s been a lot of confusion over TFG, a new company that wants to make a sex toy called the Twin.

But according to TFG co-founder and co-CEO, Kevin Lutz, the Twin is actually the first product in the company’s “Twins” line of sex toys.

The Twin is a tiny, two-person, 3-D printed silicone sex toy.

It comes in a pink box that is made out of “twin” foam and has a 3D printed model of the clitoris on the front and a white “twinkie” shaped object on the back.

TFG describes the Twin as “an interactive, multi-dimensional, high-tech sex toy” that will “add a new dimension to the way we explore sexual desire and intimacy.”

“The Twin is the first, truly interactive, high tech sex toy,” Lutz said in a press release.

“The toy is made from silicone and comes with a silicone mold, a vibrator, and a vibrating vibrator for vaginal stimulation.”

The company has said the Twin “features a clitoral stimulator, a tongue, and an internal vaginal cavity with the ability to simulate orgasm.”

The Twin will retail for $20 on TFG.

The company is working with a few retailers in the US to bring the Twin to international markets, and Lutz says that the Twin will be available to preorder in the coming weeks.

We can’t confirm exactly when the Twin and the Twin’s other toys will be released, but we can say that it’s a big deal.

TFGs Twin is only the beginning for the Twin brand.

TFGS has partnered with the porn site Fleshbot to create a sex game called “Twin Fantasy,” which will launch in August.

TFGP’s co-founders Kevin and Matt Lutz have said that they want to build a sex market that “allows consumers to enjoy sex and intimacy with no expectation of a pay-to-play environment.”

“If you can enjoy sex in a safe, private setting and make money doing it, that’s the kind of thing we want to see,” Luts told me in a video interview.

“I don’t want a company to come in and make it an industry.

I want a place where people can find sex and enjoy sex.”

TFG is a new, “new” toy company, and its co-chief product officer, Chris O’Donnell, is very excited about its launch.

“We are excited to be able to announce TFG for the first time,” he said.

We’ll be watching this space closely. “

In the future, we will be able be a platform for creators to make toys that are both affordable and fun, offering people a safe place to explore their sexuality without the pressure of pay-for-play.”

We’ll be watching this space closely.

TFGT’s new sex toy line is in the early stages, and the company is not releasing exact pricing for the toys.

But the company has released a few videos of Twin Fantasy and a couple of other toys, which are very close to TFGS Twin.

TFGL has yet to announce any more Twin products, and TFG will have to wait until 2018 to unveil Twin Fantasy to the public.

But TFG says it’s aiming to launch Twin Fantasy in the spring.