Teen sex toy sells for $1.5 million online

NEW YORK — The Teen Vogue sex toy line has sold for $5 million to a company that manufactures the toys.

The company, called Diy Sex Toys, has sold about 1,500 toys in the past year and is the company behind the line’s latest, the Teen Vue Sex Toy.

Teddy Roosevelt, the founder of the company, told CNNMoney the company sells its products online, and that it has about 3,000 employees.

He said the sales were a surprise for Diy.

The company is owned by Teddy Roosevelt, who owns a stake in Diy, which is a New York City company that makes sex toys.

He is also the co-founder of the sex toy company Purity Products, which also sells toys for adults and teens.

Diy sells a range of adult toys.

One toy, the “Voyager,” comes with a removable tongue, and the toy has a silicone base that has been inserted into the vagina and anus of a person.

Another toy, called the “Bubble Butt,” has a plastic base that comes with an air bladder and an air hole.

The toys are not marketed for teenagers.