New York City offers free sex toys for $29.99

NEW YORK CITY — The New York metropolitan area has just been awarded a $29 million grant to improve the sex toy industry, according to Mayor Bill de Blasio.

A new grant to the city’s Sex Toy and Vibrators Program, funded by the city, was awarded to New York State-based Nurturing Innovations for $5 million to build a research facility to conduct research on the industry.

“This is an important investment for New York to have in its sex toy program, as well as a new start for our state and city to build upon,” said de Blasio in a statement.

The grant is part of an overall $40 million city budgeted for the program that is expected to bring in $100 million to New Jersey.

The program is the citys largest.

A study commissioned by the program found that New York’s sex toy market has grown by more than 3,000% since 2010.

The New Jersey-based study was conducted by Nurtivating Innovations.

In addition to expanding the program, New York is investing $5.5 million in a sex toy lab at the university of New York at Binghamton.

New York has a $2 million funding source for that lab.