‘A Girl In My Room’ review: ‘It’s a real thing’ – TV Guide

An all-girls school has won a big award from TV Guide.

The show has won Best New Series at the 2017 British TV Awards and is the latest British drama to win the accolade.

It is also the first British series to win an Erotic and Sexual Content award at the British TV awards.

A Girl in My Room is based on the life of Hannah, a teenage girl from Essex who moves to England to escape the pressures of her troubled family.

Hannah, a first year student at St Paul’s Girls School, is the youngest pupil in the school and is expected to move to a new home soon.

But when Hannah is found murdered, Hannah’s devastated mother, Susan, becomes increasingly convinced that Hannah is a paedophile.

In the process of investigating, Hannah finds herself embroiled in the cross-dressing world of sex toys.

The first episode of A Girl in my Room airs on BBC Two on Monday October 14 at 9pm.

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