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The NFL is in a state of flux.

The league is reeling from the emergence of a player-driven “resistance” to the new CBA, and the commissioner is considering whether to reinstate the five-game suspension handed down by the league’s independent arbitrator.

The latest: The NFLPA on Thursday released a new letter that said it would seek to reinstatement of the player suspended by the union.

But what about those who made headlines last year, when the league suspended former San Diego Chargers running back Marshawn Lynch for the same reason: The union’s grievance is based on an allegation that the union had engaged in a “pattern and practice” of “negligence and/or willful misconduct” in the handling of a grievance involving Lynch’s contract.

The letter, signed by nearly 200 current and former NFL players and players’ representatives, said the union was not aware of any alleged violations that would have affected Lynch’s status in the league.

Lynch was arrested in December 2016 for felony sexual assault in San Diego.

Lynch, a former top free agent in the NFL, was suspended for the final five games of the 2015 season, but was reinstated to the active roster this season.

He was released from the Chargers’ practice squad in April.

Lynch’s lawsuit, filed in April 2016, alleged that the NFLPA failed to properly investigate and address allegations that Lynch was in a relationship with a former NFL player.

In the wake of the new allegations, Lynch’s legal team said the NFL had failed to “take meaningful action” against the union in the wake the arrest of the running back.

The NFL has not responded to the letter, which was sent to the union’s executive committee.

In October, the union said it was not a part of the arbitration process, but would continue to negotiate with the NFL Players Association.

The union also has sought to renegotiate the collective bargaining agreement, but the league has refused.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.