FIST SEX TOYS FALL IN LOVE with the ‘sissy’ sex toys

FIST sex toys are a favorite of many Irish men and women, but one Irish couple has been finding out for themselves that they have an affinity for their new favorite toy.

Caitlin (not her real name) and Nick (who she calls Nick) were enjoying a night out at the Irish bar with friends when the topic of sex came up.

“We’re just a normal couple but it was just a really sexy night,” she said.

“When I told Nick that he would have to try some toys, he was like, ‘Oh, my god, you can do it?'”

Caitlyn and Nick both love toys for the same reason: they feel good and can be a part of a happy, fulfilling sex life.

“It’s all about having fun,” Nick said.

“When you’re with someone, they have a lot of sex and you have to do the same.

That’s how you get your start in life.”

It’s a passion that Nick and Caitlin both share.

“I’m the one that’s really into it,” Caitlin said.

She said Nick has been using the sex toys since he was six years old.

“He started when he was nine and now I’m 27, so it’s definitely been something that’s been part of our relationship,” Caitlyn said.

Citra Sistron, who runs the popular Irish sex toy blog, Sex Toys 101, has been giving tips to her customers for years.

“They’re not just toys,” she told ABC News.

“They’re sexual objects, and they’re the ones that you want to have in your bed at night.”

But how do you find the right toy for your man?

Here are some suggestions to help you decide.

“Some people say they want a penis, others say they just want a hand,” Citra Sartron said.

For those with a more fetish-minded nature, there are some great sex toys that are designed specifically for that purpose.

“If you’re into anal, anal toys are fantastic,” Citras expert, Sistrons Sex Toys, said.

Some of the best sex toys for couples include the “Fingerless” Sex Toy, the “Crazy Horse” or the “Buddy,” Citas “Fisty” and “Pussy Slave.”

“The Buddy is one of the most well-reviewed toys, it’s one of my favorite,” Citron said, noting that he uses it frequently.

“It’s just a super sexy toy that’s very responsive and fun to play with.”

For the non-heterosexual man, there’s no better sex toy than the “Pantie.”

“I love the Pantie,” Nick told

“I’m so used to the Fanny Pack and all the other butt plugs and vibrators, it really goes a long way.”

For those who are looking for a more traditional toy, Citra recommends the “Vixen,” a “panty hose,” or the Vixen “Rampage” vibrator.

“The Rampage is the sexiest, most comfortable sex toy I’ve ever had,” Citris said.

It is a sex toy that is “more comfortable than anything,” he added.

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