How to be the best sex toy lover at Walmart

The sex toy industry is thriving, and Walmart has long been a leader in the space.

The retailer, which owns over 700 sex toys and accessories, has been a leading proponent of the new toy market, selling more than 1 million sex toys to date.

But Walmart’s success comes with some big questions.

While some of the products sold by the retailer, such as the Lelo Nude and the Lefebvre Vibe, come in a variety of styles, some are sold in a very narrow category that is exclusive to Walmart.

The Lef, for instance, is only sold at the company’s stores.

In a recent interview with Business Insider, Walmart CEO Doug McMillon said the company has seen its sales jump in recent years and said it is “building the best stores in the world.”

The company also has made strides in offering more options to shoppers.

But the retailer has been accused of discriminating against women, and in 2017, it was sued by two women who claimed they were fired from their jobs over allegations that they were discriminated against for working in Walmart’s warehouse.

The lawsuit was settled last year, and the two women are now working to regain their jobs.

McMillon also recently told CNBC that the company was working on “new and innovative ways to help make sex toys affordable to women.”

“Sex toys are really the most affordable thing that we sell,” he said.

“The reason is that they have the most value, and they are the ones that people can really enjoy and have the greatest value for.”

The Sex Toy Store at Walmart, the company says, will be a place where women can get the most bang for their buck, and offer customers the option to choose the best products they can find.

It will also offer customers more options for sexual pleasure, as well as help them discover new brands, including the latest and greatest.

The store will be stocked with sex toys ranging from the most popular brands to the newest products.