How to find a good sex toy at Toys R Us

Toys R Store in Dallas, Texas, has been selling sex toys for a few years.

This week, it’s expanding to a new store.

“This store will have a whole new category of sex toys that are very popular and they’re priced right,” said Jillian B. Lee, general manager of Toys R. “And I think that’s a really good thing.”


Lee said the new store will feature more toys that cater to men and women, and that she thinks men are “more likely to be attracted to them because of their price.”

The store’s inventory is limited to one size and a limited selection of toys, but it is not as if Toys R is an exception to the trend of men buying sex toys to try out.

According to a 2013 study, about half of men say they have sex with men and half say they masturbate.

It’s unclear how many men are actually looking for sex toys or what they’re looking for.

“You can’t really measure it until you buy it,” Lee said.

The new store is part of a broader effort to make toys more accessible to men.

Toys R has partnered with Toys for the Brain, an online sex toy store, to offer toys for men and young people at less than $25.

There are also other initiatives to offer affordable sex toys and other items at lower prices, including a $3.99 sex toy discount that is available online and in stores.

“If you have a friend or a partner who is looking for a sex toy, we’re here to help,” Lee told

“We want to give them a better way to explore it.”

The Toys R store in Dallas was the first of a new category in Toys R’s catalog.

The new category will include a sex doll, vibrator, and blow job toys, and a sex video game.

Toys R is not the only toy store to try to address the price gap between men and females.

Earlier this month, Toys R announced a new, lower-priced sex toy category.

It will be available exclusively at Toys for Bionic Toys in the United Kingdom, a sex education toy company.

Tricks R said in a statement that it hopes to increase its customer base with the introduction of the new sex toy catalog.

The Sex Toy News blog first reported the news of the Toys R changes.