How to buy sex toys without leaving home

When it comes to buying sex toys, you need to be careful.

A new study has found that people who spend time online looking for sex toys may not be getting them.

Read more: The Australian Research Council has analysed thousands of online reviews from Australia’s sex toy communities, and has found some users have been misinformed about the products available.

The research found some people are buying sex toy reviews from sites they don’t regularly visit, but have only heard of recently, or are using their own personal experiences as a guide.

“There’s a general misconception that you can get a good deal on a lot of sex toys online,” Dr Jillian Tye, the principal researcher at the council’s Australian Institute of Family Studies, told the ABC.

“I think it’s a very misleading message.”

A lot of reviews on popular online sex toy site Tantus and Lelo were written by people who hadn’t had a chance to try out the products they were buying, Dr Tye said.

“A lot of them are written by a lot more experienced people, and they’ve been looking at the product for a long time and then they just click on a review and go, ‘Wow, this is great’.” Sex toy industry leader ‘baffled’ By the time a person reads a review, she may be very familiar with the product, or the user may have heard of it, but not have had a try.

“What we’re finding is that some people have just been browsing the reviews and just bought it,” Dr Tyes said.

Lelo’s owner, Sarah, told News Corp Australia she was frustrated that some reviewers were putting their own experience and knowledge of sex toy design ahead of their own.

“When you look at some of the reviews I’ve seen on Lelo, they don.

I’ve got a bit of a b**** to deal with,” she said.

Sarah said she thought most reviews were written to promote the product but there were a lot that weren’t.

“They’re all written by women who don’t really know what they’re talking about, so I think that’s really b*******y,” she told News.

Lelolos founder told by critics A Lelo spokesman said the company was “very pleased” with the results of the research.

“We believe the findings of this research are important to our customers and we would like to share them with our partners and to encourage other customers to come to our website,” he said.

Dr Tse said some reviewers may not have read the reviews they were reading.

“It could be they don [have] read a lot about sex toys before and don’t know the product,” she added.

Sex toy manufacturers are concerned about online reviews and the effect they have on their business.

A spokesperson for Australian Sex Toys said the industry was aware of the issue and was working on a solution to improve its customer service.

“The issue we’re aware of is that certain reviews can be misleading or contain content that is inconsistent with our standards and our safety standards, or otherwise not fit our expectations for a positive review,” the spokesperson said.

Sex toys company says it is ‘bored’ by reviews and ‘lack of understanding’ The spokesperson said it was “a common experience” for sex toy reviewers to use reviews as a way to sell products.

“Some people are just using it as a platform to promote their products, or even as a shortcut to get to another review that they want,” they said.