‘Dirty Sex Toys’ sells out in 24 hours

DANBURY, England – Sexy toys and sex toys have been flooding into shops in the UK in a bid to boost sales, with some shops already selling out of a dozen or more in less than 24 hours.

The online retailer, Sex Toys in Danbury, has already sold out of the original five sets, with the rest of the set on sale for as much as £20.

A spokeswoman said: “I can confirm that we are currently sold out for the 5th set of Crazy Sex Toys!

The set will be available for immediate purchase in stores for just £20!”

She said it was a “major success” for the retailer, which has been a pioneer in the sale of sex toys online.

However, a spokeswoman for Danbury-based toy brand, Bump, said the online market was “overwhelmingly saturated” and that the company would be trying to stock up.

“It is extremely difficult for retailers to stock these items online, as it is expensive, time consuming and can take days to do the final inventory for each item,” she said.

“With the internet, we’re able to make it so you can order as many as you want in seconds.”

I am happy to say that we have also sold out five sets of these amazing toys.

“We will continue to stock them in stock.”