How to keep your sex toys safe at home

Sex toys are not just for kids, they can also be used for people.

But it can be challenging to know how to safely store and dispose of the toys, and even harder to keep them safe.

In this CBC Q&A, CBC News senior editor Julie Macdonald speaks with expert Laurie Janda, who advises the Sex Toys Association of Canada.

Janda is also the author of the book, How to Keep Your Sex Toys Safe at Home: A Guide to Protecting Your Toys, from the manufacturer to the consumer.

“It’s one of the hardest things that I have ever had to deal with,” she says.

“I have to say, I’ve spent so much time working with these people and with the manufacturers, it’s really a big challenge.”

A sex toy is an object that a person can use to have sexual contact with.

There are many different types of sex toys available, ranging from the very simple to the very elaborate, and some even come with vibrators or dildos.

A sex doll is one of many toys that come with a strap on, that can be used to stimulate a specific part of the body.

It can be a hand-held toy that you can hold with one hand or a full-size vibrator.

In the past, many sex toys have come in different shapes, sizes and colours.

There’s also different kinds of toys for men and women, as well as toys that you use to make yourself orgasm.

Sex toys can be sold online and in shops, as long as they meet certain safety standards.

There is also a range of sex toy accessories, from pillows to handbags and vibrators.

The toys can come in various sizes, shapes and colours, and many different kinds.

When you buy sex toys online, you can usually find them at a discount, so you can get a good price.

But you’ll want to check with the sex toy store to make sure they offer the lowest price for sex toys.

If you’re considering buying sex toys from a sex toy retailer, ask to see their safety certificate and safety rating.

“They are very much in the public domain,” says Janda.

“So you can just go to the website and they will provide you with a safety rating and safety certificate that includes the manufacturer’s safety rating.”

The manufacturer is responsible for ensuring that the sex toys they sell meet the standards set out in the Safe Sex Product Safety Standard.

The safe sex product safety standard is based on the guidelines published by the American Academy of Pediatrics, which says that the safest sex toys should be used safely for the entire sex act.

The American Academy also says that toys that have vibrators and dildoes are the safest.

There should be no risk of injury to a person or property if a sex object is used to masturbate.

When buying sex dolls online, there are safety and warranty policies in place.

But Janda says it’s important to check the terms and conditions carefully before buying a sex doll.

The sex toy industry has many different products, and the safest ones can be found at sex toy stores.

The most common toys are made from plastic, latex or silicone, with the exception of vibrators that are made of metal.

When shopping for sex dolls, it can help to look at the packaging carefully, as many sex toy companies will send you a sample of the toy to look over, to help you make your decision.

When purchasing sex toys that are silicone, the manufacturer will typically send you the silicone version, which should be tested for the product.

“You have to make an educated decision on what type of silicone is best for you and your body,” says Lisa Smith, an associate professor of marketing at the University of Toronto.

If buying a silicone sex toy, make sure you get the most hygienic packaging possible, like an antibacterial shower cap, she says, as these products can be harmful to the skin.

Sex toy companies also often sell silicone vibrators, which are often made of a special type of material that makes them extremely slippery.

“The most hygenic sex toy can actually cause cancer,” says Smith.

You should also make sure the toy is safe for people who use it.

“Most of these toys have a plastic insert, so they are very soft, and they don’t stick to the body,” she explains.

“And, if you have to touch them, they will feel like they’re rubbing up against your skin.”

The safest sex toy for people is usually the toy that has the most realistic appearance, which is usually a sex robot.

“In a lot of cases, the sex robot is very realistic, so it’s usually safe for most people,” says M.J. DeBruin, director of the Sex Science Lab at the Institute of Sex Sciences at York University in Toronto.

Sex robots come in a variety of different designs, from a tiny robot with tiny