This Is Why The iPhone 6 Plus Is Going To Be A Giant Penis Source Polygon

Apple has finally given up on its attempt to get you to buy its next flagship smartphone, the iPhone 6.

The company has officially announced that the iPhone SE will no longer be the flagship device.

This decision, made in October, comes as the company is looking to turn its focus to the upcoming iPhone X. In a press release, Apple confirmed that the company had made the decision to move away from the iPhone X and instead focus on the iPhone 7 Plus.

The announcement came as the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus were announced and were set to launch in October.

The iPhone 8 has reportedly a larger display than the iPhone 9.

Apple’s decision to pull the plug on the 6+ is not surprising given the fact that it has had a difficult time attracting buyers to the company’s other products, namely the iPad Pro.

The new iPhone is set to release on October 28, and Apple has said it is aiming to make the new device a “world class mobile device.”