PornHub, Amazon and Google open new markets for sex toys

NEW YORK — Amazon, Google and Netflix will open more than 100 new markets this year, expanding their offerings to include products ranging from sex toys to household cleaners, while expanding their online sales.

The new offerings mark a new direction for the internet giant, which had previously been the biggest seller of adult entertainment and pornography to the US.

New York, home to the internet giants headquarters, has long been a hotbed for adult entertainment.

It was the home of porn star Mia Khalifa, who had her first show on the web in 2005.

In January, Amazon announced that it would be opening two additional markets in the United States, starting with Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, a city where it already operates a store.

Last month, Google also announced a deal with local health-care provider Medscape to offer its own medical-grade sex toys in the Pittsburgh area.

Netflix, meanwhile, has announced that a new market in the Midwest will be opened in early 2018.