5 Reasons You Need A Wireless Sex Toys Bundle

This week, we’re offering 5 wireless sex toys for your wireless device of choice, including vibrators, dildos, dildo clamps, and more.

This includes vibrators and dildoes, too, as well as clamps and dildo mounts, too.

Here are our picks.1.

The Pleasure Vibe Vibrator (Black) This little toy is a pleasure vibrator, but it’s also a dildo mount.

The vibe uses a magnetic design to deliver vibrations and vibrations from the outside of the dildo.

It also includes a built-in vibrator for extra stimulation.2.

The Vibrating Toy Wand (Black, $35)This vibrator’s vibe uses magnetic technology to deliver intense vibrations.

The wand vibrates up to six times per second and is made of soft silicone.3.

The Silicone Wand Dildo Mount (Black and White)This silicone dildo is perfect for couples who are looking for a dildo mount, and it can also be used for anal sex.

It features a 3.8-inch diameter shaft, a flared base, and a smooth silicone base.4.

The S-Vibe Vibe 2.0 (Black or Silver) This dildo comes in a variety of colors, including pink and white.

It has an internal ring and a removable ring.5.

The Sexy Wand 2 (Black Only) This vibrator features a vibrating head, a built in dildo holder, and two built-ins to deliver deep, sensual vibrations.6.

The Mamba Wand (Pink, $27) This wand is perfect if you’re looking for something a little more discreet for a smaller toy.

It can be used as a dong or a sex toy mount, too!7.

The Njoy Lube Vibrators (Pink) This sex toy is great for those who love to have fun with their dildes and dongs.

It comes with two vibrators (one for use with a dango and one for use in an anal position), a dangle attachment, and an internal sex toy ring.8.

The Real Vibrato Vibrate (Black only) This anal toy is available in pink, black, blue, red, purple, green, and pink.

It is a silicone dong with two built in toys.9.

The Tango (Black $50) This is a ducky, which is the same dildo that is included with the Real Vibes and Real Vibe 1.0.

It’s a dinky toy with a rubberized base, which has an attached vibrating shaft.10.

The Rube Toys Magic Wand (Blue) This toy comes in black, pink, and white, and is the only one that is made with silicone.

It offers a range of vibrations that can be adjusted to different stimulation levels.