What is the Tremor Sex Toy?

The Tremor is a phallic sex toy manufactured by Durex, a Taiwanese company.

The Trebor is a “male” toy that looks like a phallus and is attached to a strap.

The device can be attached to the penis or the anus.

The Tremor can be used to stimulate the penis with an electrode, but it also has an “alpaca” strap that can be put around the penis for anal stimulation.

The device comes with two different options: A male or female model, and the “minion” version.

Both are made by Duroc.

The toy has a plastic shell and is made of metal and plastic.

The male model is approximately 3.8 inches in diameter and has a strap that is 5.8 millimeters long and 4.2 millimeters wide.

The female model is a bit larger at 3.7 inches in circumference and has an adjustable strap that measures 4.4 millimeters across.

The battery lasts for a total of 90 minutes.