Chinese sex toy rose to the top of UK sex toys charts

Made by Swedish designer Chai Ningson, the Liberator has a curved design that lets you explore the inner workings of your body.

It also comes with an adjustable vibration control and a remote control so you can switch between a vibrator and a hand-held remote control.

Liberator sex toys rose to number 1 in the UK’s Sex Toy News of the Week chart, which was published on Tuesday.

UK sex toy sales: The UK is one of the biggest markets for toys made by foreign brands, with the UK being the fourth biggest market in the world.

The number of toys sold rose by 8% to £4.3bn in the year to December 2018.

UK toys sales by country, 2016 to 2020: UK sales: £4,531bn The UK accounted for a record-breaking 11.5% of global sales in 2016, according to research firm NPD Group.

UK sales rose 8.1% year-on-year to £5.7bn, the biggest increase in the 20 years to date.

The growth was fuelled by the popularity of toys like the Liberators and Liberator XL and by sales of toys made in China, India, the Middle East and Latin America.

The Liberator is the latest in a line of luxury sex toys from Chinese manufacturers.

In 2018, British-made sex toys made from Chinese materials made up just 3% of the UK market, according the British Toy Survey.

The UK has been hit by a string of sex toy scandals in recent years.

The British toy industry was criticised last year after a number of women were found to have bought and sold sex toys imported from China and Hong Kong.