Sex toy balls named after ‘Sex and the City’ actress

The sex toy ball, which is named after “Sex and The City” actress Carrie Bradshaw, has been made by the toy company Ball-N-Lock, the company said.

The name of the toy, “Sexy Ball,” was inspired by Bradshaw’s character, Carrie, who played a prostitute in the series.

Ball-N -Lock has been working on its line of sex toys for nearly 10 years, and the company’s new ball, dubbed “Carrie Ball,” is the first in its line to be made specifically for female consumers, the brand said.

The company will be launching a sex toy line featuring a variety of sex dolls for men and women in the near future, according to the statement.

Bradshaw starred in the 1990s TV series “Caroline,” and starred in “Sex And The City,” “Sex & The City 2,” “The West Wing,” and “Sex Toy Wars.”