A Sex Toy for All Occasions

“This toy is a true pleasure to use.

It’s very soft, so it doesn’t feel too rough or dirty.”—Bridgette Williams, sex toy addict, New York City (NYC) “This is the best toy for getting a bit of ‘back off’ in a hot, sticky room.”—Jane Fosbury, Sex Toys, New Orleans (LA) “I’ve found that the vibrator is a great tool to help you get off, to get rid of your partner, and to give you an orgasm.”—Sarah, sex educator, New Zealand “The vibrator has a very gentle, quiet vibration that doesn’t get in the way of your pleasure.

I love the way the vibrations feel.”—Jessica, sex blogger, Los Angeles, CA “A great tool for easing into your partner.”—Kristin, sex enthusiast, Seattle, WA “The vibrations are very gentle and not too intense.

It makes my partner want to cum faster.”—Kelly, sex teacher, Los Angelas, CA (LA/San Francisco) “If I had a vibrator, I would definitely buy this one!”—Jessica (UK) “Very gentle vibrations, very well made.

A must have for all couples.”—Sally, sex consultant, Seattle (WA) “Love the vibe and feel of this toy.

I feel so sexy with my husband in bed.”—Katie, sex therapist, Los Angelles, CA The best vibrator for men